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Beyond Agglomerations: Mapping Externality Fields and Network Externalities.
Meijers, M de Jong2016: City branding in polycentric urban regions: identification, profiling and transformation in the Randstad and Rhine-Ruhr European Planning Studies pp. Burger2016: Agglomerations and the rise of urban network externalities Papers in Regional Science pp. M Hoogerbrugge, M.J.
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What does urban agglomeration mean?
However, because of differences in definitions of what does and does not constitute an agglomeration, as well as variations and limitations in statistical or geographical methodology, it can be problematic to compare different agglomerations around the world. It may not be clear, for instance, whether an area should be considered to be a satellite and part of an agglomeration, or a distinct entity in itself.
Agglomeration Definition of Agglomeration by Merriam-Webster.
Kim Velsey, New York Times, When" the Downstairs Neighbors Become Best Friends, 30 Apr. 2018 Imagining such groups as little virtual villages is an old tech cliché, an echo from the days when the agglomerations of people on the internet were smaller, more like-minded and manageable.
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agglomerations Nederlandse vertaling bab.la Engels-Nederlands woordenboek.
Iedereen vindt dat steden en stedelijke agglomeraties of gebieden een cruciale rol moeten spelen in het verwezenlijken van het beoogde stadsherstel en de doelstellingen van Göteborg. English Of the 527 agglomerations comprising more than 150 000 inhabitants, 94 discharge their effluent unprocessed into the environment and 134 others provide insufficient information.
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Agglomerations United Kingdom: Agglomerations Population Statistics, Charts and Map.
United Kingdom: Agglomerations. The population of all agglomerations in the United Kindom with a population of 45000, or more. Name Status Population. Birmingham / Wolverhampton West Midlands. Blackburn / Burnley. Bournemouth South East Dorset. Bristol Greater Bristol. Buckley / Deeside.
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The Role of Urban Agglomerations for Economic and Productivity Growth.
This article discusses how urban agglomerations cities affect economic productivity. It uses an internationally harmonized definition of cities that aims to capture the true extent of an urban agglomeration and is not limited by administrative city boundaries. It shows that labour productivity increases with city size.
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AGGLOMERATION meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Accidents occur where there are great agglomerations of people going about their ordinary business, and these accidents happen by a mixed contribution of carelessness in different degrees from different classes. Rural agglomerations are a collection of a number of villages.
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agglomeration Wiktionary.
From agglomerate ion. agglomeration countable and uncountable, plural agglomerations. The act or process of collecting in a mass; a heaping together. State of being collected in a mass; a mass; cluster. geography An extended city area comprising the built-up area of a central city and any suburbs linked by continuous urban area.
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